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[MAJ] Epsilon impliqué dans un match truqué

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The beginning of 2015 was marked by one of the biggest scandals in Counter-Strike history, implying various players from the north american scene, including some former iBUYPOWER players. The protagonists got banned from all of Valve's major tournaments for an indefinite period. After Epsilon and Robin "GMX" Stahmer parted ways, the latter tweeted a threatening message about whether he should "drop a bomb" or not.

We went to see him to learn more about this. The former Epsilon captain revealed us that he had information about a rigged match implying his team. He also admitted that he was implied in this case with all of his former team mates. He added that acquaintances of the Epsilon players also benefited from this fraud.

First of all, I want to thank the Epsilon organization, its director and the staff members who truly are great people. They always supported me and my team mates since June. The Epsilon staff was not aware of what I’m about to say.

I want to apologize to them, and to all the community for what I’m about to say. There are things you regret, and this is the case. In last September, we deliberately lost our ESEA match against OverGaming in order to win skins for ourselves and for friends of us. All of my team mates and some of their friends were aware of this. We however did not planned this together, and every player acted on its own to get their skins back. I won some skins via a friend on this match, and I know some of my team mates also won skins.

Robin "GMX" Stahmer

The match Epsilon (fxy0, ScreaM, Le Poireau maléfique, Uzzziii, GMX) versus OverGaming (FlipiN, ALEX, MusambaN1, Kairi, l0w) was played on september, 22 2014 and was part of ESEA Invite season 17. Nothing was at stake for this match, as both of the teams were too low on the rankings to qualify for lan finals. Epsilon and OverGaming were already at the bottom of the general ranking with only 5 wins for 10 losses.

Epsilon suffered a heavy loss by losing 16-03. The replay of the match can be found here.

This match was added on CSGOLounge and at the beginning of the match, the odds were slightly in the favor of Epsilon, with 54% in their favor. 25 078 people placed a bet on this match. After verification with Robert Yakubovsky, one of CSGOLounge admins, no players from Epsilon placed items on this match with their personal accounts. The same was true for the iBUYPOWER case.

As it turns out, some bets comings from the Epsilon player close friends are very suspect.

B1GGY won almost $216 worth of skins

The numbers below are the current value of the skins, and not their value back in last September when these bets took place. As a result, the estimations can now be either higher or lower, as the skins price changed since that time.

Thomas "akeR" Radovic, a known friend of ScreaM and Uzzziii with whom he played at several french lans under the tag SuperstarS, placed a bet worth $136 of skins on OverGaming with his own account. He won more than $156 of skins. (Screenshot of the winnings provided by CSGOLounge).

Morgan "B1GGY" Madour, currently playing for Epsilon and also a known friend of Epsilon players, placed a bet from his own account valued at about $188 worth of skins on OverGaming, and thus earned $216 more. (Screenshot of the winnings provided by CSGOLounge).

What do these two bets have in common ? The involved players never placed such big bets before this match.

Cécilien "puure" Quenault, also known for mixing with the Epsilon players, placed about $103 of skins on OverGaming and got about $123 of winnings. He hadn't placed a bet for over six months, the last was a match between K1ck and Clan-Mystik.  (Screenshot of the winnings provided by CSGOLounge).

Steeve "Ozstrik3r" Flavigni, now an inactive player but who formerly played with three Epsilon players, only placed three bets ever. His last bet is this match betwen Epsilon and OverGaming, even though he only placed small valued items.

Bilal "bazy'' Z'Bair is a belgium player and a close friend of ScreaM. After ten small bets, he suddenly placed high valued skins on OverGaming throught an alternative account. (Screenshot of the winnings provided by CSGOLounge).

GMX words and this accumulation of strange bets suggest that this match has been fixed by the Epsilon players. We can provide all of our proofs to Valve and tournament organizers. 

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