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ScreaM : "Je n'ai peur d'aucun joueur"

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Hello ScreaM. You only give a few interviews, so I will get into the subject right away. You have been revealed on Source in 2010, when you were playing for hf.mother with with AsP and flex0r. Then, you decided to play for redLine with EMSTQD and the Rodo-Soulm8-Uzzziii trio in 2010. After that, you played with 3DMAX, LDLC,... When did you realised you had potential and do you decided to play with the bests ? What was your reaction when AsP asked you to play with him while you were playing as a 6th for redface ?

Hi ! In fact, my first team was redFace as a 6th, but I was kicked for cheat suspicion. Then, flex0r asked me if i wanted to play in EPS and this is when it all started for me. This offer marked the beginning of my player carreer.
Afterwards, redLine kicked a player and they asked me to join in as 5th, which I logically accepted. It was my first big team. I then played for eLogic, Lord and 3DMAX. It's with 3DMAX that I started training seriously to become the best. I always wanted to play with better players than me, who had a name on the scene, and who could help me getting better.

Before being the high level player we all know today, what were your ambitions ? What was the line-up you would have liked to join ? Who were your favorite players ?

At the beginning I was playing for fun, like a lot of people, and I never thought I would reach a high level. I began to take an interest into the scene and to follow the tournaments. From that moment onwards, I always wanted to play in big teams like VeryGames, and with renown players such as shox, SmithZz & Co.
In the past, and before you went to offline events, you were suspected of cheating. There are even rumours saying that you admitted you used cheats sometimes. Do you want to talk about it today ?

Yes, I have always been suspected of cheating because I had not the level of an unknown player. I played my first lans and I proved my level was the same, whatever the conditions. It has always been only rumours, without any proof. People should be more cautious before doing accusations.

Scream est passé pro
 Scream playing with the pros

You played with several ingame leaders, such as maleK, AsP-, Shokkk and Ozstrik3r. After a few weeks of practice with VeryGames and a victory in lan, what are the differences between Oz and Ex6 ? What does it changes for you ? What difference do you notice between a 1.6 and a Source leader ?

I really enjoyed the short time I played under Ozstrik3r lead. He taught me a lot of things, including the roots of teamplay. The main thing that distinguishes Ex6TenZ from the other leaders I know is that he brings seriousiveness and productivity, he doesn't want any error and he wants to know why something didn't work and how to fix the problem. When in control map, Ozstrik3r plays on individualities. It's a good thing we will try to do with VeryGames real soon.

You have played for a long time with Uzzziii, your former teammate, and you also evolved together. Is this a coincidence or are you real friends ? Does he understands your choice to leave Img for VeryGames ?

He is the player with whom I improved the most. I played in several teams with him, he also gets better from team to team. It wasn't easy to leave such a friend to play with an other team, but I think he understood my choice, at least I hope he did.

Like a lot of players, I followed your one week-end adventure with Buykey at Esport Heaven Vienne and I have to admit you were impressing. A lot of headshots, clear and well thought moves, in short we can say you gave cold-sweat to some big European teams. How do you explain such an ease in your games during this event ? Do you think you were as good as with Imaginary Gaming ? What about your level now that you play with vice-world champions ?

I was in a really relax state of mind during this lan. I just wanted to have a good time with my friends from BuyKey at Prague. I was not under pressure about the tournament, I even tried to lead. I was relaxed and this is why I was that strong. I wasn't focusing on how many rounds we scored, I just wanted to play and have fun. I wasn't affraid to die but I tried to take the best decisions. However, playing like as a team is not possible. It was not the case with BuyKey, and this is still not the case with VeryGames today.


Talking about VeryGames, here you are, finally playing with them. A lot of people told us you were the player that was missing to VG 2012 : "a headshot machine" who could change the deal of a VG vs NiP match. Do you agree with this ? How is your integration into the team going ? Is it a big change for you, compared to your former teams, or is the change less important that you imagine it would be ?

I hope people will be right. I trust myself, the team, and the strategies we are setting up. I always thought VeryGames would restrain me, but I adapt quite well to this new style. I think that with time and effort, we will defeat NiP. I am optimistic about our future.

I answer this to everybody, but how do you see 2013 for CSGO ? Will the hierarchy be modifier with the arrival or the progerssion of other teams ? Do you fear some teams ?

This is a good question. There is so many teams that it is impossible to foresee a ranking now. Every team has a great margin for improvement, and the one who will work the most will be victorious in the months to come. Teams like Na'Vi, ESC, NiP or are really dangerous. They play a lot and have a lot of high-level experience. They improve from lan to lan. I can say that I am more affraid of 1.6 players than Source players.

Do you fear GeT_RiGhT and f0rest ? Do you think you are less strong than them ?

These two players won a lot of events, and I respect them a lot. They have such a great experience that it is impossible to compare them to any other player, but for now, I fear no one in particular. When you fear someone, the chances of beating him decrease with pressure.

Have you heard about what GeT_RiGhT told about you on Twitter ? He said "If u have seen ScreaM playedsometimes in CSGO, he just.. Shots headshots :| Never seen a guy like him shoot so many headshots in rounds!" Honestly, how does it feels to get this kind of compliment from a player who won almost everything ?

As I just told, I respect him a lot and it was a pleasure for me to read this message.

ScreaM x4 Deagle @ esport-Heaven LAN par RedacVaKarM

It looks like you adapted well to CSGO. How do you train, besides your team practice ? What advice could you give to our readers who want to get better ?

I train a lot, and I still need to play more CSGO. I think I am not adapted at my best. The best training isHSMOD or AIM DeathMatch. I also train in DeathMatch against bots, but I prefer HSMOD which forces me to focus constaltly. Training is the secret, nothing more.

From an outside point of view, you seem to be a complete player, with a good skill and you also improved on a brain point of view. What do you think are your weaknesses ?

It is hard to see your own imperfections, but I think I still have some communication issues but I am not worried about this because it will get better over time. I think my AIM is not as good as before, and I will do everything I can to fix this quickly.

And to finish with, I will answer you a technical and a bonus question. In other sports, like golf, players are taught to always do the same moves before doing a swing, this is what they call "routine". Before a big match or lan, what are your habits, what is your routine to be at your best ?

First of all, I try not to be under pressure. Then, I do some DeathMatch to warmup and to be in match condition. When I shot headshots, it gives me confidence.

For the bonus question : you got on the teams you played in because some players noticed you were talented and gave you a chance. Recently, have you noticed some ScreaM wannabes ? How do you try to help them ?

Not really. There are not a lot of players who stand out of the crowd, except Area, who will have to show how good he is in tournaments. He is a good aimer and he might be the revelation of year 2013.

Thanks for your time, best wishes for 2013 and good luck with team VeryGames.

Thank you for the interview, and I also thank the people who follow me, as well as my family, my friends and my teammates. You can follow me on Facebook, where I try to share myexperience as a player. And to finish with, thank you to VeryGames and Razer, our two sponsors who make all of this possible.


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Thanks to sickness for the translation.

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