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Par M477 - 19/09/2017 23:57:57 - Modifié le 20/09/2017 00:04:32
C'est hardcore, âmes sensibles s’abstenir.

Traduction anglais :

" Finally, the time has come, for which everyone was waiting. For that moment I am done with being an IGL, I don't think I was a bad leader and were doing it pretty well ( my leading from one side were to free neo, so he could focus only on his game and be better, but it didn't work out? ). But older part of our team( 87 and older ) couldn't adapt to the style I was aiming for ( freestyle ), so they were looking for issues on every step. I think this decision is good because some people are missing power( skill ), which could propel the team. Again I will probably have a free hand to play the way I want, I hope that it will be enough for that moment to push this team further than group stages because lately, no one was shining with skill( maybe only pasha was on good level ). It's amazing that for greater good, I ( one of the better ones in this team ) sacrificed myself on being a leader to set team in order, dropping possibility of me being on Top20, but in this game all that matter is being a team and playing as a team, I thought that older crew without a reason was looking for problems everywhere, when everyone should focus on themselves.

Now, new times are coming, we will be playing stiffer and I will be able to focus on myself, I also wish other team members to find themselves because we are waiting for a while now ;)

Times changes and most of the teams have only 'hot' players, where rarely someone has ratings below 0.8 on LAN's, but we have the problem with some members to go over 1.0(positive ration). I hope that experience that boys have after 17y of playing CS finally surface. I hope that neo rested enough from being IGL, a half year already passed :)"


Néo :

"I think he has learned a lot from that time…Now it’s time to move on, and we’ll see what’s coming."

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