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Par scleague - 21/09/2021 17:26:14
Hello HLTV,

Since you've been a big part of the journey for SCL made us want to keep improving. So today we'll launch our first SCL Public Division Season 1. It is a league for amateur teams, and the structure of the league is very similar to ESEA Open, but improved.

The Public Division is the open for all division. Anyone can join. But since we feel like the lowest division shouldn't take 3 months to play made us shorter it to only 1 month (+ 2 week playoffs if you make it).
So that you can quickly qualify up to SCL Intermediate Division where many of you should be, without having to wait for so long. SCL Public Division is also much cheaper, and does not require any premium subscription to play.

- Europe & CIS can play
- 128 Tick servers
- Easy Anti Cheat + our Server-sided Anti-cheat.
- Casters & Livestream (on HLTV) for the top matches in the playoffs.
- 128 Teams maximum
- 34€ entry fee per team (6.99€ per player)
- $2,500 Prize-pool
- Going on for 4 weeks (+2 weeks if you make it to playoffs)
- Multiple server locations
- 24/7 support.
- Highlights from the matches will be edited and uploaded to our YouTube.
- Best way for amateur teams to make a name for themselves.

Sign up to the league here:

To celebrate, we also made a twitter giveaway about this league:

Is this a scam? No:
SCL AB is a registered business in Sweden, Karlskrona
VAT: 559335-4862


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Par scleague - 27/09/2021 16:00:26
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Par scleague - 07/10/2021 11:03:50
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